Terms & Conditions

Leisure Card and Membership Terms and Conditions

1. The Leisure Card is annually renewable. It is valid from the date of issue and eligibility criteria must be re-validated at renewal.

2. The Leisure Card is not transferable and must be used only by the person for whom it was issued.

3. All changes to personal details must be disclosed to Liberty Leisure Limited at the earliest opportunity.

4. Liberty Leisure Limited reserves the right to refuse to issue or renew Leisure Cards and refuse admission to facilities and to alter or withdraw the Leisure Card membership at any time without refund.

5. Leisure cardholders must present their Leisure Card at reception on every visit. The Leisure Card must be available for inspection at any time. If it cannot be produced or is in any way not valid the full price for the activity must be paid without right of refund.

6. All leisure cardholders must allow an electronic photograph of the applicant to be taken and held on the membership system. The Leisure Card photograph must at all times be a true likeness of the holder. In the event of a change in the appearance of the cardholder, Liberty Leisure Limited reserves the right to request a new photograph to be taken.

7. Any breach of these conditions will render the Leisure Card holder liable to forfeiture.

8. Concessions may not apply for specific activities not detailed in the published price list.

9. Student applicants will be required to provide proof of full time status.

10. A charge will be made for replacing lost, stolen or damaged Leisure Cards, unless due to fair wear and tear.

11. Leisure card holders must abide by all programming arrangements. Use of facilities is subject to opening hours, programming, availability, booking requirements and prevailing prices.

12. Liberty Leisure Limited reserves the right to amend or cancel the programme or availability of activities at any time.

13. Liberty Leisure Limited reserves the right to amend terms, conditions and policies.

14. Cancellations – Non-attendance or cancellation on the day of any booked activity will be chargeable. This applies to all categories of membership including gym memberships.

15. Leisure card holders wishing to use the gym, health suite and health and fitness classes must be 16 years of age or over (14 and 15 year olds are able to use the gym but must be accompanied by a responsible, inducted adult).

16. No refunds for Leisure Cards or Memberships will be given for the unavailability of any activity/facility/class/equipment or limited sessions at busy or holiday periods (including public holidays).

17. All monthly payable memberships, advance and block bookings are subject to 30 days written notice of cancellation.

18. Direct Debit Collections:

For memberships taken out from the 1st to the 15th of the month payments will be collected on the 5th, for memberships taken out between the 16th and end of the month payments will be collected on the 20th.

19. Leisure card holders must abide by the operating standards of the appropriate facility.

20. There will be no access to activities without advance payment.