Our Story

Established on the 1st of October 2016 Liberty Leisure Limited is a wholly owned Local Authority Trading Company of Broxtowe Borough Council.

We deliver the following services:

  1.  Bramcote Leisure Centre
  2.  Kimberley Leisure Centre
  3.  Chilwell Olympia
  4.  Get Active
  5.  Events
  6.  DH Lawrence Birthplace Museum

Data Sharing Notice
From October 1st 2016 the responsibility for delivering all of Broxtowe Borough Council’s Leisure and Cultural Services will transfer to Liberty Leisure Limited, which is a wholly owned company of Broxtowe Borough Council. As such, any personal data customers have previously provided to Bramcote, Chilwell and Kimberley Leisure Centre, Broxtowe Events, Broxtowe Sport and the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum will be shared with Liberty Leisure Limited to allow continuity of effective service delivery.

Gender Pay Gap Data as at 31 March 2017

Whilst Liberty Leisure Limited has produced its gender pay gap information previously it is now mandatory to do so within the scope of a fixed set of guidelines.The gender pay gap is expressed as the difference in pay between males and females as a percentage of the male earnings. Both the mean and the median figures are required.

Mean Gender Pay Gap                  2.5%

Median Gender Pay Gap              0.0%

It is also a requirement to report the proportion of males and females in each quartile band of earnings by hourly rate.

                                                            Male               Female

Upper Quartile                                 28.6%             71.4%

Upper Middle Quartile                   28.1%             71.9%

Lower Middle Quartile                   23.4%             76.6%

Lower Quartile                                31.3%             68.7%


Company Information
Liberty Leisure Limited
C/O Broxtowe Borough Council
Foster Avenue

Liberty Leisure Limited is a private company limited by guarantee
Company Number: 10119472
VAT Number: 250 2895 09

Board of Directors
Ted Czerniak
Sandra Scott
David Gell
Chris Laxton-Kane
Roger Ward

Company Secretary
Emily Murtha

Our Vision

Our Values

Leisure, culture and events at the heart of our community.

Our Mission

Our Values

To earn the lifetime loyalty of our customers through delivering first class leisure, culture and event services.


Our Values

Constantly evolving our offering


Our Values

Caring for our community


Our Values

Always acting with integrity


Our Values

Providing safe and secure facilities and events

Value for Money

Our Values

Delivering value for all


Our Values

Recognising our staff and ensuring a happy workplace for all


Our Values

Vibrant and diverse leisure, culture and events that enrich lives